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The Mad Troll

Encounter Level 10 (2200xp)

This encounter is from my home game, and is one the party has when they go out to cause trouble for an approaching army. In essence through their actions and the actions of some NPCs that they are working with the initial plans of an Orc Chieftain have been foiled, and now as heroic tier comes to a climax they are faced with an army of orcs and other monsters approaching the town whose survival will secure the region the characters call home.  However this encounter could easily be tweaked for use as the start of something else because its opening scene should leave the party wondering what the orcs are looking for and why they are looking for it even as they battle.

Read aloud or paraphrase:

You have found what you seek, a patrol separated enough from the army that you can eliminate them without drawing a larger force to their aid. This patrol though is a little strange as they come into view through the trees, it is clear they are searching for something as a large orc leads a troll around on a heavy chain, and many other orcs scour the ground for something.


1 Scargath the Mad (Elite Troll Skirmisher)
1 Durosh’kan Bloodrager (Elite Orc Brute)
8 Orc Warrior (DDI)

  • For 4 PCs: Lower Scargath’s level by 1.
  • For 6 PCs: Add a Durosh’kan Bloodrager

Features of the Area:

Illumination: Encounter is assumed to happen during the day, and so is well-lit. Should the encounter happen at another time several of the orcs will be carrying sunrods to facilitate their search creating bright illumination.
Pool: Light blue areas are difficult terrain, dark blue areas are impassable except by swimming (DC10)
Mud: This dark brown area is difficult terrain. Creatures that end their turn in the mud become grabbed (Fort 17 Ref 20 for escape attempts).
Rocks: Are difficult terrain.
Ruined Wagon: is 5′ high and is impassable. However creatures may climb (DC10) or jump (standing DC50, running DC25) onto it and move over it, for which it is difficult terrain.  Creatures can crouch behind the wagon to gain total concealment. The Wagon provides superior cover to creatures adjacent to it from creatures on the opposite side of the wagon.
Tree Trunks: Are impassable and can provide superior cover.
Tree “Canopy”: Represents the area affected by the tree and its roots, and is difficult terrain.
Small Trees: Provide cover for creatures in their square and are difficult terrain.


The tactics are fairly simple, all the enemies essentially charge and try to engage a PC, with Scargath picking the closest PC initially, and the Bloodrager aiming for a striker or leader if apparent. The Warriors then scatter among the remaining PCs and try to help the Bloodrager and Scargath by providing flanks when possible, or making “Aid Another” attacks to add +2 to the attacks of the Bloodrager and Scargath.

Ending the Encounter:

The encounter ends when the Bloodrager and Scargath are dead, any remaining minions immediately flee at their fastest rate (provoking OAs if appropriate).

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