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4E Inspired by..

I have been thinking about a campaign to run and recently thadeousc asked on Twitter what people’s favourite modules were and my initial list was quickly:

  • Living Forgotten Realms module Silver Lining – I love the NPC that goes along with the party.
  • BECMI modules – Rahasia and Castle Amber – I actually used Rahasia in my campaign converted to 4E.
  • Legend of the Five Rings RPG modules – Night of 1000 Screams and Tomb of Iuchiban – I love the way they interconnect with each other and the City of Lies boxed set (which is arguably another adventure in itself).
  • AD&D module – Dragons of Despair also known as DL1 – again the NPCs are awesome, especially those gully dwarves.

The last of these got me thinking about running the whole Dragonlance Chronicles as a 4E DnD game, but not necassarily as a game set in Krynn, and while writing this I realised I could do nearly the exact same thing with the City of Lies etc from L5R.

The thing is to take the key elements and adopt them to make a compelling story for your characters where they overcome great challenges in the face of expanding evil etc etc. Both of these campaigns offer that concept in spades: in DL you have Tiamat turning the eggs of good dragons into the Draconians and using them to wage a war of conquest over Krynn. In City of Lies you have an evil cult attempting to free their lich like master from his prison so that under his guidance they can conquer the empire etc.

So I’m going to start taking a look at adopting these two campaigns into 4E, I’ll start with the shorter Iuchiban campaign from L5R, and then move into the longer one of Dragonlance.

Adopting both of these requires examining the setting, and the core assumptions of 4E and what you care going to do with them in relation to the original settings of the modules. For example in Rokugan (the L5R setting) there are really only humans available as a PC race, and quite a number of classes shouldn’t exist. Dragonlance of course has as part of the initial core premise “no Divine powers” in particular healing magic is incredibly rare, something very against a lot of the 4E assumptions.

I will continue to post encounters but now they will be in the context of one or both of these campaigns, or my current campaign in my Shattered Lands setting. These however will be “as they occur” rather than trying to produce them all the time.

Hopefully folks find these campaign development articles useful as well.

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