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Madness of Malapraxith

Encounter Level 10 (2850xp)

Malapraxith was a proud young red dragon, he believed in the power of his own might based on his experience cowing lesser creatures, and even eating a few unwise adventurers. So when the opportunity to explore the Feywild presented itself he took the opportunity, figuring that it would give him a chance to establish a secret lair.

Alas that is not how Malapraxith’s venture into the Feywild transpired, instead the young dragon encountered a powerfull korred dancecaller by the name of Kriorince. Kriorince lured the dragon into her dance, and this has driven him insane. Then for reasons known only to her she returned the dragon to the Middle World along with his own “Court” to bring destruction into the world.

When the players enter the clearing read or paraprhase the following:

The path you have been following leads you into a clearing which slopes gently up to a ruined tower. In the ruined entrance to the tower the large form of a red dragon thrashes doing further damage to the ruin, about the clearing several eladrin caper the faces twisted in a terrible parody of delight. The strangeness of the scene is only heightened by the sight of two tents set nearby with a campfire around which sit several gnomelike figures with boots and caps of crimson.

Suddenly the dragon seems to notice you, and as it does you notice that its expression is also twisted beyond normal, but the malign hunger of that expression is still all to apparent!


3 Spriggan Powrie (On DDI)
6 Eladrin Blades of Winter (On DDI)
1 Malapraxith the Mad

  • For 4 PCs: Remove a Spriggan Powrie
  • For 6 PCs: Add a Spriggan Powerie and 2 Eladrin Blades of Winter

Features of the Area

Rubble, Trees and Tents: All three count as difficult terrain. Trees and tents also provide cover.

Pits: Malapraxith has dug pits through into the ruins below in his madness, it is a 20′ drop and there are no walls on the pit. However characters may move towards the stairs as if on normal terrain, and up the stairs (4 squares) as difficult terrain if they are unable to fly, jump or teleport out of the pit. (For the purpose of attacks a creature in the pit can only gain line of sight to creatures adjacent to the pit.)

The Pond: The dark blue square of the pond is impassable terrain to creatures without a swim speed or waterwalk. A creature can be pushed into that square but their movement stops when they enter it. All the other squares of the pond are difficult terrain to creatures without waterwalk.

The Fey Portal: The blue sigil on the floor is a Fey Passage that the Powries hold a key to activate.


The Eladrin, mostly, seek to attack so they create flanks and so that two of them attack the same enemy.

The Powries take advantage of the flanks created by the Eladrin or Malapraxith.

Malapraxith will try and start with his breath weapon, not caring if he incinerates allies in the process (so the Powries will hang back for him to engage), and then charge in and bite an enemy. He saves Frightful Presence and his second action point for when he is surrounded. Malapraxith should not always use the most optimal tactics due to his madness, play this up by using Mad Dance whenever it is available after the first round.

Ending the Encounter

The Eladrin fight to the death (should it somehow matter). Malapraxith may flee if you wish, but not before becoming bloodied.

The Powries (if alive) flee when Malapraxith dies (or flees), using their key to the Fey Portal to do so.

Depending on the demands of your game the Portal may be stable, or might fluctuate and only appear under certain conditions – conditions that happen to coinside with the demands of the game (of course) or perhaps the Powrie’s keys are “1 shot” items.

Cetainly PCs should be curious about such things and may well wish to investigate, thus bringing them into Kriorince’s realm in the Feywild.

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