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Reality Shock…

Or finishing the holidays means catching up on work..

The last couple of days I’ve been way to busy with work stuff to give much thought to gaming. Which is a sad state of affairs.

That said by the end of the week I should have up a couple more skill challenges (namely the Fire Investigation mentioned in Something’s Burning!, and one for dealing with a monster way beyond the PCs level which I started concepting tonight) and hopefully a combat encounter or two.

In the mean time a couple of things to take a look at:

  • Freelancing 101 – A blog entry at Critical Hits by Chris Sims former Dragon and Dungeon editor on how to get yourself published (or at least increase your chances).
  • DM Guys Podcast – A podcast by three DMs (who are way more noteable than me).
  • Downloadable Delves – @SarahDarkmagic has added a bit to her site where you can download a dungeon delve, and the first one is now in!
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