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Vengeance Served RED!

Encounter Level 10 (2400xp)

This encounter is drawn from one of my games, and it demonstrates a few ideas:

  • Sometimes the biggest thing isn’t the most dangerous.
  • Sometimes hiding in a building gets you a turn or two (or hide your minions to mess up the back ranks).
  • Using players as soccer balls is funny…  wait what?

To use this encounter you will need to make up your own reason for the players annoying the Spriggans and their Cyclops “Boss”. In my game the Spriggans are distributing a drug (Green Welcome from Vile Addiction Dungeon #145) and the PCs busted in and killed 8 gang members, so the “boss” decided to put a stop to that (with a bit of encouragement from an established villain of the campaign).

In my game this is the encounter as run with 4 7th level PCs. It was a “Big Boss” fight and they were at full capacity when it started – the cleric and paladin both went below 0HP and every character was bloodied at some stage.

Read or paraphrase the following:

It appears that the Spriggans are not going to wait for you to come to them again as they emerge from the buildings and sewers around you…

… and it isn’t just the Spriggans!


2x Spriggan Witherer (DDI)
2x Spriggan Powrie (DDI)
8x Human Lackey (DDI)
1x Cyclops Shaker

  • For 5 PCs: Add a Spriggan Powrie
  • For 6 PCs: Add a Spriggan Powrie (3 total) and a Spriggan Witherer (3 total).
  • PCs start in the northern most corridor “square”

Features of the Area

Stairs: The stairs are difficult terrain to ascend.
Smithy: The smithy is an open building that can be moved through by all. Inside the smithy are an array of items that the characters (or monsters) can use to distract each other with an Athletics or Acrobatics check.
Doorways: All of the buildings except the smithy have unlocked doors on them. Opening or closing a door is a minor action. All doors open inwards.


If the monsters win initiative they delay to allow the PCs to move into the area so they can maximise their effectiveness. Then the Powries try to move so they can get a flank, always starting with Hamstrung so they can follow-up with a Punt. The role of the Cyclops and the Minions is to then box the characters in the cyclops should take OAs to be able to get into the back ranks of the PCs if there are ranged PCs just hanging out at the back.

The Witherers should then use Flattering Wind to drive back any PCs that make a break for it, and target any upright PCs with Sun Scorch.

Ending the Encounter

Once all but 2 Spriggans are down, and those 2 are bloodied they should try to flee by escaping back down into the sewers. Otherwise the monsters fight to the death because this fight is all about vengeance!

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