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In the Swamp the Undead Come…

Encounter level 3 (724xp)

Sorry didn’t go back and do the battle skill challenge for the last encounter. Instead I present the current encounter from one of my play-by-post games.

The PCs are exploring an undead infested swamp in search of herbs and while they have managed to avoid the truely dangerous undead some of the lesser undead fall upon them.
Read or phrase the following to start the encounter:
Shadowy forms come through the rain as the lightning cracks over head illuminating those at the front, and the only thing you can be sure of is that there are more of them than there are of you…


2x Corruption Corpse (CC)
2x Hobgoblin Soldier Zombie (HGZ)
4x Drowned One (DO)

  • To build this encounter feel free to bring in 4 more drowned ones whenever there is one or less of them left! (Until all the non-minions are defeated at least :))
  • For 4 PCs: Remove a Corruption Corpse
  • For 6 PCs: Add a Hobgoblin Soldier Zombie
  • WotC Dungeon Tilesets needed: 2x Sinister Woods, 1x Ruins of the Wild

Features of the Area

Illumination: Normal Light (see The Storm).
Sodden Ground: Even the ground that passes for solid in the swamp does not create the most certain footing. Creatures that run or move more than 4 squares in a turn must make an Acrobatics (DC10) check to keep their feet.
Water Pools: These pools are far deeper than they appear (DC15 Perception to notice their depth). Creatures without a swim speed that enter these pools fall prone and must make an athletics check to swim to gain the surface and get out of the pool. If a zombie falls (or is pushed) in they simply walk out, treating the pools as difficult terrain!
The Storm: Due to the heavy rain creatures more than 4 squares away have concealment, and creatures more than 8 squares away have total concealment.


The zombies tactics are very simple, attack the closest person. Only the Hobgoblin Zombies make any attempt to work with another creature, they make some effort to gain the benefit of their Phalanx ability. The Corruption Corpses will stay at range to use their ranged attacks, until the PCs finally move to engage them in melee.

Ending the Encounter

The undead do not stop attacking until they are all dead. If you take the option to keep adding Drowned Ones (because minions in waves are better) they should stop appearing once all the standard monsters are dead.

Should the PCs flee the undead will pursue them slowly but surely through the swamp, which should give the PCs pause.


This encounter was originally just planned to “happen in the swamp” then a player asked if he could gain his next magic item by his current weapon being struck by lightning during a fight – this is the origin of the storm. You could use this idea to enhance the fight and have another way of awarding a treasure item. 🙂

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