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Encounter Block

Gah bad thing to have when you are trying to put out an encounter every day…

Yet after the huge response to the Skill Challenges article yesterday, I find myself kind of stymied. I’m actually wondering if the blog would be better turned over to more DM and Player observations, and less encounters – the problem being that it is easier to come up with encounters than it is insightful things to say about the game.

A lot of the important things to be said about running games are covered in the various DMGs over the years (and if you can track it down the Legend of the Five Rings Game Master’s Guide), and certainly the DMG2 has plenty of really solid advice in it.

So as it is getting rapidly towards unreasonably early here (being already unreasonably late), I think I’m going to skip the encounter for today and turn things over more before putting up the next encounter.

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