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Kazathix’s Curse

Encounter Level 4 (850 xp)

Note this encounter was first created (by me) for the Ramshackle Dungeon project on the WotC Community Boards. You can join the group here. It has been adjusted to fit with the Through Ruined Sewers encounter presented yesterday. If you use it with that encounter remember that some PCs may start prone, or the PCs may start with surprise.

When the PCs enter the room containing Kazathix read or paraphrase the following:

The walls of this room are at first glance little more than bare stone with a few bits of mold covering them, and sewer channels that are rancid at their base. The floor of this room is badly damaged in many spots, with an array of scorch marks, twisted stones that seem to have been melted by acid, and cracked flag stones, and in places it seems as if something errupted from the ground through those flag stones. Only the floor in the very center of the room is smooth and clear, a 10′ square area in the center of which stands the large form of a minotaur that seems to have seen better days, including ones where he lived.

Kazathix The Minotaur was once a proud, if slightly crazy keeper of the sewer complex. For reasons unkown to anyone he saw himself as the gate keeper of a maze. Eventually a group of adventurers killed him, and they left his massive body behind to rot, only to themselves perish elsewhere in the ruins of the city. Before any other monster could move in someone unkown came to the room and, for reasons of their own, raised the minotaur to unlife and bound the adventuring party that killed him in undead servitude. Now whenever adventurers enter the room, the minotaur raises up its servants to do battle with them before wading into the fight itself, and each time they are defeated someone comes and returns them to life, replacing adventurers as needed. It is due to this repeated abuse that the minotaur looks so decrepit.


1 Kazathix The Minotaur
1 Zombie Priest
1 Zombie Warrior
1 Zombie Rogue
1 Zombie Berserk
1 Zombie Arcanist

  • For Four PCs: Remove the Zombie Arcanist
  • For Six PCs: Add a Zombie Warrior.

Features of the Area

Illumination: Dark except for a faint glow from the squares marking the arcane circle, which are dimly illuminated.

Arcane Circle: Necrotic attacks made in the circle gain a +2 bonus to hit.

Sewers: Sewers are 3′ deep and are difficult terrain for creatures without a swim speed that enter them. Creatures that are not immune to disease that spend 2 rounds in the sewer are exposed to Filth Fever and must make a save vs disease at the end of the encounter or contract the disease.

Ruptured Floor: Is difficult terrain.


The zombie adventurers continue to act similar to their equivalent PC roles, while Kazathix pays them little heed wading directly into the combat with anyone that will stand in his way. Remember that the monsters are all undead and have limited intilligence so even though the former adventurers should act basically like their former role they will not make optimal tactical choices.

Ending the Encounter

The undead fight to destruction, so the encoutner ends when they are destroyed or the PCs flee.

Investigating the arcane circle once the PCs have defeated Kazathix and his erstwhile allies with Arcana (DC17) reveals that there is a token that the circle recognises that allows the bearer to designate certain creatures as allies, and thus grant them safe passage through the room.

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