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To the Rescue

Encounter Level 5 (1000xp)

Taerin Man’Brynn (Human, Female, Aged 18) has been kidnapped and the PCs have been tasked with recovering her before something happens to her. Tracking the kidnappers to their warehouse hideout the PCs are able to scout the building which appears to be dark within, and has only 2 entrances. The PCs may secure one entrance, but must use the other which is locked (DC20 lock). Once the PCs have opened the door and indicated they are entering read or paraphrase the following:

Entering the warehouse you hear the sounds of young women laughing and whispering, as if some great joke has been played, and perhaps you are the butt of it.

You cannot see the women, and nor can they see you, so perhaps it is something else. Your path further into the warehouse is blocked by crates…

Allow the players time to decide on an approach, read or paraphrase the following:

Moving where you can see past the crates and barrels you come across the scene of three women standing around Taerin, all dressed in similar clothing to her…

If the PCs do not move to attack, the Kenku Assassin will call out from the rafters mimicing the hoot of an owl (old cliche’s are the best :)) and the other Kenku will move to attack.

Once the PCs begin to attack, or the Kenku Assassin triggers the attack, read or paraphrase the following:

As you take a step into the light the women turn, all 3 of them revealing sharp beaks and feathered heads, along with ready swords. It appears the joke was about Taerin…


Doppelganger Sneak
Kenku Assassin (Modify the Assassin to do an additional 1d6 damage when it has combat advantage. This is particularly important once it is the only enemy left.)
Kenku Warrior x3

  • For Four PCs: Remove a Kenku Warrior
  • For Six PCs: Add a Kenku Warrior

Features of the Area

Ilumination: Only the squares inside the outer ring of crates, and the 3 passages through them are brightly lit, all over squares are dark. (At least until the crates start being pushed around.)

The Rafters Are lost in darkness (unless the PCs are using sunrods) 4 squares up. Unless the PCs specifically mention looking up at them the Keknu Assassin remains hidden in this darkness.

Crates: The crates can be climbed on (Athletics DC10), faught from (Acrobatics DC10), and pushed over if there are at least 2 in the stack, (Athletics DC15 Blast X (away from pushing PC/enemy) Target: all creatures in blast Attack +7 vs Ref Hit [X]d6+[X] where X is the number of crates in the stack, and target is knocked prone.) The number of crates in the stack is indicated by the numbers on the crate shown. Crates have All Defences 10 hardness 5 and 5 hit points if attacked.

X Stack of Crates: In the bottom crate of this stack Taerin Man’Brynn is contained, once the fighting beings they start struggling, giving the PCs a chance to notice. Passive Perception: 17 Active Perception:12

Taerin Man’Brynn: Is an 18 year old human. She has All defences 12, and 24 hit points. The monsters will not directly attack her if at all possible, not wanting to kill her, but will do so if forced by the PCs.


The Kenku Warriors fight as if protecting the Doppleganger, which cowers in fear until “rescued”. The warriors push over the stacks of crates that have been positioned for that purpose hoping to knock PCs prone so as to gain combat advantage. The Kenku Assassin lurks in the rafters hidden in the darkness for the first round, only joining the fight once it can get combat advantage against a PC, which it does by flying down to land behind the PC before attacking. It uses its AP in this initial assault in an effort to knock out or at least bloody the targeted PC.

Ending the Encounter

The PCs successfully end the encounter if they retrieve Taerin without harm, even if monsters still live at the end of the encounter.

They have a partial success (80%xp) if Taerin is injured, but they escape with her.

They have failed if they escape with the Doppleganger Sneak, or Taerin is killed, or they are unable to rescue her because they are forced to flee.

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