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Ninja Attack

Encounter Level 3 (800xp)

As you move down the street escorting your charge, from the shadows of two alleys figures emerge. They have blades drawn and they leap to attack….

The PCs are protecting and individual (ideally an apparently innocent girl or their current patron, or both in one person) and leading them through a town or city area that is less than reputable, when they are attacked.

Unfortunately the goal of the attack is not to kill the person the PCs are protecting, but rather eliminate the PCs and kidnap their charge, with the kidnapping the high priority.


Doppelganger Sneak x4
Doppelganger Leader (See New Mechanics)

  • For four PCs remove a Doppleganger Sneak
  • For six PCs add a Doppleganger Sneak
  • PCs should start in the intersection (between the 4 sneaks)

Features of the Area:

Illumination: Dimly lit, unless the PCs have a light source. The surrounding area is dark.

Cobble Road: The road is rough and irregular, it takes a DC10 acrobatics check to shift on the road. Also sections of the road can be picked up and thrown should someone want to do so.

Buildings: The surrounding buildings are made mostly of stone, with tiled roofs.

Barrels & Crates: Provide cover to characters standing behind them, and superior cover to characters who are prone behind them.


The Dopplegangers attempt to focus their efforts on one or two PCs at a time, if they can they focus on a character who displays healing powers. Once the leader is bloodied she will use her smoke bomb to allow her allies to abduct the PCs charge. Both flee with the charge, in a round one flees back to the PCs in the form of the charge with 2 fresh dopplegangers pursuing them.

Once half of the dopplegangers have been reduced to 0 the remaining ones attempt to flee, using their standard ruse if necassary at that time as well.

Ending the Encounter:

The encounter ends when the dopplegangers or the PCs flee.

If the dopplegangers were able to successfully emloy their ruse to replace the patron allow the PCs a skill challenge to realise that the switch has been made.

Will the real charge please stand up… (Skill Challenge 250xp)
Level 2
2 (See each part for success and failure targets.)
The challenge is to determine that the charge is a fake, and then learn where the dopplengangers have taken the PC’s charge. It is broken into three parts, with different possible time scales for each one. In the first part the PCs learn of the switch (or prove it), in the second they learn where their charge has been taken, and in the last part they reach that location. (What happens there will be the next Daily Encounter, if the PCs succeed here….)

Part 1: Uncovering the Fake
Insight (DC 17) The character studies the charge and is suspicious that they are not who they claim. (1 Success with insight is needed to initiate the challenge.
Intimidate (DC 17) The characater threatens the false charge in order to get them to reveal their true nature. (1 Success)
Special (Violence): PCs may choose to attack the fake charge and render them unconsious; this also earns a success.
Special (Language): If the charge is known to speak a language other than common, and the PCs can also speak that language conversing with the doppleganger in that language reduces the Insight DCs to 12.

Success (2 Success before 2 Failures): The PCs are able to uncover the ruse.

Failure: The PCs are unable to penetrate that doppleganger’s disguise for the moment, causing their charge to be moved further away and into greater danger. If they failed have them discover the fraud the next morning when they meet with someone who knows the charge well and talk about the attack.

Part 2 : Where did they take the charge?
Insight (DC10) The character realises that the doppleganger can be reasoned with more readily now that it has been revealed as a fraud. (0 Success does not cause a failure)
Insight (DC15) The character (or another character) asks questions and is able to detect lies on behalf of the doppleganger. (1 Success)
Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate (DC10) Through lies, smooth talking, convincing threats or a combination of the three the characters are able to get some clues as to the intended fate of their charge. (1 Success)

Success (3 Successes before 2 failures): The PCs learn clues as to the location of the dopplgangers hideout and that their charge is going to be taken from the settlement to a nearby location soon. If the PCs failed Part 1 and are learning this later they will be told that their charge was taken to an alternate location and is likely dead (or worse) already.

Failure: The PCs learn a location but it is wrong, and so they must back track to have a hope of finding their charge before “something bad happens”. In Part 3 increase the Atheletics DC by 5.

Part 3: To the Doppleganger Cave!
Atheletics (DC10): Each PC must make an athletics check as they race across the settlement (and perhaps beyond) to rescue their charge. At least half of the PCs must succeed at this test. The PCs will need to make this test twice. (2 Successes)
Endurance (DC12): A PC that fails the Athletics test may attempt an Endurance check by spending a Healing Surge. A success on the Endurance check turns their previously failed Athletics roll into a success. This cannot generate a failure.
Streetwise (DC10): The character knows, or quickly learns, a shortcut to their destination. A success with this check will grant everyone a +2 bonus to their Atheletics checks. If this check fails everyone suffers a -2 to their Athletics check as the short cut turns out to be the long way…

Success (2 success before 2 failures): The PCs reach the hideout before the charge is moved away (or “something bad happens”).
Failure: The PCs reach the hideout only to find the charge is not there, and they must confront the occupants of the hideout to learn more of their charge’s fate (and if “something bad” has happened).

New Mechancis

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