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The Guard’s Bar (Fight)

Encounter Level 4 (350xp)

There is the possibility of a paying job that suits your talents, all you need to do is go to the Soothing Draught and meet with Tashard this evening.

Of course things are never so easy…

Tashard is a merchant who needs a few small items carried to another settlement for him, and the job is not very complicated, and the pay is acceptable (20gp each).

Of course Tashard is a cautious man and he has picked the Soothing Draught, not for the quality of its refreshments (which are acceptable) but instead for its patrons. Afterall meeting adventurers can be a risky undertaking.

The Soothing Draught is frequented by the local guard, and it is Tashard’s hope this will keep the PCs from doing anything foolish. Unfortunately for tashard it will not stop the off-duty guardsmen from doing something foolish; which they do in shape of a bar fight.

After some RP where the PCs negotiate or asks questions about the job Tashard has for them read or paraphrase the following:

Suddenly from among the other patrons there is a shout, then the sound of a fist on flesh, and then chaos erupts as tables and chairs are shoved, and people and mugs go flying. Tashard leans across to you and goes “Get me out of here and there is a bonus 20 gold for you, but don’t hurt anyone half of these people are the guard!”

Through the Fight! (Skill Challenge 350 XP)
Level 4
Complexity 2 (requires 6 successes before 3 failures)
The goal of this challenge is to move the merchant Tashard across the bar to either the front door or the stairs to the rooms on the second floor where he will be safe without calling on powers to end the dispute – casting spells (etc) on the settlement’s guards is afterall not a good plan.
Special (Unarmed Combat): Characters such as Monks and Brawler Fighters that specialise in unarmed combat are particularly adept at dealing with this situation, even without calling on their powers. As a result they gain a +3 bonus to Athletics, Acrobatics, and Endurance checks to deal with the enemies (but not for the drinking contest).

Special (Healing Surges): When characters are making a primary skill check and they fail they can choose to loose a healing surge instead of accumulating a failure. This does not generate a success. (Note: If you are not planning to follow this encounter with another fight, without an extended rest, then allowing PCs to spend healing surges is not wise. Instead inflict d6 damage on them for each failure they accumulate during the challenge.)

Primary Skills
Acrobatics (DC 12): The character is able to duck and weave between the brawlers tripping some to keep them away from Tashard.

Athletics (DC 12): The character wrestles with patrons, shoving them out of the way to make space for Tashard to move across the room.
Endurance (DC 12): The character imposes their body in the way of blows meant for Tashard keeping him safe.
Intimidate (DC 17): The character uses threats and body language to get people to move out of the way. Alternatively the character can use Intimidate to start a drinking competition (see Diplomacy).

Other Skills
Bluff (DC 17): The character distracts brawlers so that others may take advantage of their distraction. Success grants a +2 to the next Acrobatics, Athletics or Endurance check.
Diplomacy (DC 17): The character attempts to convince some of the brawlers to join them in a drinking competition. Every 2 by which the DC is beaten by adds a competitor, if the DC is beaten by 8 this counts as a success. To win the Drinking Competition requires 1 successful Endurance (DC10) check for each competitior (5 checks).
Insight (DC 17): The character is able to grasp the flow of the fight and point this out to their companions giving them a +2 to their next check.
Perception (DC 12): The PC is able to see clearer areas in the bar and guid the party and Tashard towards them granting a +2 to the next check a party makes.

Success: The PCs complete the task and impress Tashard, he gives them 25gp (+5 per PC above 5). He also will seek them out in the future offering them more work.

Failure: While they are able to get Tashard outside, he has taken a beating and is unimpressed with the character’s skills. As a result he decides they cannot be trusted with his precious parcels and so they loose the job he was offering.

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