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Vile Acts

Encounter Level (902 XP)

This encounter makes use of terrain features, and combat wide effects to change what is happening from round to round. Minions are used mostly to force the players to consider other tactics and break formations that the players will try to use. Divine characters will be very strong in this encounter, as will burst capable characters.

The sound of a scream cut short lures you through the rain, until at last you come to a fence, following it you come at last to a gate and just as another wail starts you peer through into the settlement’s graveyard.

Lightning flashes and you see the tableau of the sacrifice, a victim chained to an alter as a knife descends…

In this encounter the characters have come across vile cultists sacrificing people in a grave yard in order to raise more undead.

These undead though are more than the simple zombies and skeletons raised from the graves of the settlement, instead they are include the tormented spirits of those unjustly slain this night.


This encounter includes the following creatures:
Vile Cultist x2
Zombie Rotter x4
Decrepit Skeleton x4
Specter x2

  • For four PCs: Remove a Vile Cultist
  • For six PCs: Add a Vile Cultist

Features of the Area

Illumintation: The area is lit only by the PC’s torches.

Lightning: The Vile Cultists and PCs suffer the effects of Lightning. At the start of each round roll a d6, on a 6 there is a lightning flash. Attack +4 vs Ref (All PCs and Vile Cultists) Hit: Target is blinded until the end of their next turn.

Graves: Are difficult terrain. If a creature without the Undead type ends its turn on a Grave then they are Immobilised (Save Ends) as hands reach from the grave and pull them into the soft dirt.

Gravestones: These waist high stones offer cover to small creatures that are adjacent to them.

Symbol: This is a holy circle dedicated to the god of death. Radiant and Necrotic attacks ignore Insubstantial when cast from within the circle.


The Vile Cultists use their burst attacks only when threatened directly in melee, they use their ranged attacks on PCs that are not engaged in melee. They use Necrotic Infusion on the Spectres, especially if the Cultists are blinded. They are happy to use Power over the Grave to reanimate the Decrepit Skeletons.

The other undead wade into the battle with little thought for tactics, except that at least 1 minion should try an bullrush a PC each round.

Ending the Encounter

All the undead fight until destroyed, and once all the undead are defeated the cultists will attempt to flee, leading the PCs into other parts of your campaign….

New Monsters

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