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Oops I used a Throng

I’ve been pondering yesterday’s Encounter (Zombies at Dusk) since I put it up (well not constantly 😉 ) and I realise the Throng even deleveled to 5 is probably to strong for a level 1 party; played “hardline” it should be a solid encounter for a level 3 party as presented.

So what about level 1?

Well my thought is to replace the Throng with equivalent xp in level 1 or 2 Zombies and Zombie minions. (Yes I like minions.) This will leave the encounter as challenging but reduce the weight of HP.

Another thing people might notice with this encounter is that a cleric makes a big difference (if they have Turn Undead).

In essence a party with a bursting swordmage, a turning Wis cleric, and an AoE controller will handle the posted encounter. But a party with no bursts will need it to be changed – the Throng will tear them apart. Similarly with a party with limited AoE options.

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