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Encounters Past and Future

Last night as I was struggling with the sleep demons it occured to me that one use I could make of this blog is to release a series of encounters intended to take PCs from 1st level to 30th in a loosely connected campaign. If you take the time to read the first three encounters you will see that they are easily used either individually or as a series of three encounters so that seems like a reasonable place to go.

With that in mind I’ll be aiming for 6-7 encounters for a level, each group of 3 being playable in a night ideally. I will keep the plot sketchy, and not strongly tied to any encounter so that it is easy to just “grab and encounter” to use in a game, or to build your own game around.

For example the first three encounters are: Attack on the Inn, Attack on the Town, and essentially Rescue the Hostage. All three feature hobgoblins, and are defeatable by a first level party with some luck and thought. So they can all be easily tied together by a hobgoblin mercenary company attacking a village or small town and taking a citizen hostage. Or each one can be taken on its own and have other similar encounters added to tell a different, and maybe connected story – you could easily spin them out, adding 7 more encounters to cover all of level 1 with the PCs fighting to save a village from an ever increasing hobgoblin menace, only to have it revealed at the end that there is more to this than mere hobgoblins.

Finally not everything will be a fight, I will endeavour to include at least one skill challenge every 5-7 encounters, or maybe a selection of loosely detailed ones that allow a series of encoutners to be turned into a level’s worth of campaign. I actually have a level 7 or so set of encounters that are each a skill challenge and/or a fight… but you’ll have to wait a few weeks to see that.

So there are about 200 encounters between 1st level and 30th, so the goal is to have a whole campaigns worth of encoutners spelt out over a year with some “extras” and stuff from time to time.

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