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Guard Rescue

Encounter Level  4 ( 898 XP)

While in a settlement the PCs hear the sound of battle nearby; shouts in common and goblin, the clash of weapons, and sounds of magic at work. It is easy to follow the sounds to a battle between the town guard and raiding hobgoblins.

As the adventurers enter the area, read or paraphrase:
The sounds of battle bring you to a street that is chaotic with a battle between town guards and hobgoblins. A quick glance says that the 6 guards are loosing the battle, and that right now the hobgoblins have not yet noticed you, intent as they are on killing the remaining guards.


This encounter includes the following creatures:

2 Hobgoblin Mercenary (M)
1 Hobgoblin Warcaster (L)
8 Hobgoblin Grunt (G)
2 Goblin Warrior (W)

  • The PCs have surprise.
  • For Four PCs – Remove a goblin warrior.
  • For Six PCs – Add a hobgoblin mercenary.

Features of the Area

Illumination: The area is brightly illuminated.

Ladders: The ladders are 2 squares high and can be climbed with a DC5 Athletics check.

Buildings: If a PC climbs onto a building the roof is difficult terrain. If the characters wish to circle around the outside buildings inform the players that will likely take to long if they are going to try and save the Blue Dawn guard members.

Blocked Areas: These edges of the map should also be lined with buildings, if you have sufficient tiles to do so

Town Guard: Each round at the end of the round one of the 6 guards succumbs to the hobgoblins. PCs may spend healing powers, or heal checks to prevent the guards from dieing. If a Guard is revived with a power that uses healing surges they have a surge value of 6. Guards revived in this way can then attack with a +6 modifier doing 4 damage. The guards count as allies and provide flanks.

Crates: Provide cover, they hold food stuff such as pickles or dry rations. All Defenses 10 DR 2 HP5 if they are attacked directly.

Water Trough: This is knee high and difficult terrain to move across. Creatures moved into these squares by forced movement are knocked prone and fall into the trough (getting a soaking) and halt their movement. When they stand up they can choose to be in any square adjacent to the trough.


The hobgoblin mercenaries work together to keep the hobgoblin warcaster safe from the PCs as the 3 of them engage the PCs, while the goblin warriors try to gain flanks and take on the more lightly armored enemies.

The hobgoblin grunts only move to attack PCs if they are attacked or if there is no conscious town guard beside them.

Ending the Encounter

Ideally the PCs will defeat the raiders without aid, should it be necessary more members of the guard can arrive to rescue the PCs.

If the PCs take a hobgoblin or a goblin alive it can be talked into (intimidated, bluffed, or diplomacy DC 10/13) revealing that their tribe was hired to raid the town. They don’t know who hired them, they were just told to run about and cause confusion, and that other groups had different jobs.

If they do not take a prisoner, there is no need to provide additional information.

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