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At the Drunken Knight Inn

Text to be read or paraphrased to the players is in italics.

The PCs are staying in a roadside inn (or perhaps in a settlement that comes under attack) called the Drunken Knight. The encounter can start with the PCs resting during the night or perhaps still relaxing after a long days journey that brought them to the inn.

To start the encounter read or paraphrase:
Outside, very close you hear the howl of a wolf, and moments later shouts in goblin.

The PCs cannot understand the words spoken due to the noise inside, but should realise that goblins and a wolf outside does not bode well. If they do not move to defend the inn on their own the innkeep will offer them free board and meals to deal with the goblins.

As the adventurers exit the inn read or paraphrase:
In the street before you four goblins run about with torches attempting to set the eaves of the buildings alight with little luck. In the middle of the street before you a hobgoblin, with a fierce gray wolf at his side turn to face you, he barks a command and the goblins drop their torches which sputter and die as they pull out their short swords.

  • PCs start on the stairs of the inn. (The windows upstairs are bared and shuttered so they cannot be fought from.)
  • The fountain has a statue of an armored figure, but it has sunken to one side so it stands at a lean.
  • The encounter should take place at night with dim light coming from the inn.
  • A character with a passive perception of 21 or higher can notice the sharpshooters in their hiding positions at the corners.

Encounter LevelXP: 600  Opponents: 8
Goblin Cutter x4
Goblin Sharpshooter x2
Hobgoblin Mercenary
Gray Wolf

The Hobgoblin Mercenary and Gray Wolf will seek flanks, the Sharpshooters will try and keep to cover and fire from hiding while the Cutter’s will simply swarm into the fight.

If they have an opportunity once they are bloodied the Sharpshooters will flee. The Hobgoblin fights to the death, to preserve its reputation. The Wolf will fight to the death unless the hobgoblin is killed, at which time it will flee if possible.

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